Paris Masters 2021: Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev Tennis Pick and Prediction

Paris Masters 2021: Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev Tennis Pick and Prediction

TennisSection previews the 2021 Paris Masters as Daniil Medvedev (2) takes on Alexander Zverev (4) in the semifinals on Saturday, November 6th, 2021.

Will Daniil Medvedev get the win? Will Alexander Zverev pull off the upset? This will be an interesting one, where we have two players at the very top who are both in exceptional form coming to a clash. Who will move on to the final at the 2021 Paris Masters?

Daniil Medvedev played a very interesting match to knock out home favorite Hugo Gaston in a tight two sets to set up by far his toughest match of the tournament as he takes on Alexander Zverev. This match will be a very tough one, seeing as Zverev hasn’t been too far behind Medvedev in terms of level recently. While he is definitely the favorite seeing as he is the world #2 and the US Open champion, it’s all about their level of play on these courts. The two met last year at this tournament in the final, but the courts have slowed down since, which probably favors Zverev a little more than it does Medvedev. Ultimately, it will come down to how well each player can hold their serve. It’ll be a really interesting match because both players are among the top servers AND returners. Medvedev has been serving better, and his second serve is much harder to be aggressive on than Zverev’s is. Medvedev is the slight favorite, but to take out Zverev he will have to raise his level in terms of the number of errors he’s been making. He has the edge in terms of defense for sure, as well as serving and returning, but only just, so for Medvedev, it’s all about how well he can control his error count as he aims to reach the last two at the 2021 Paris Masters.

Alexander Zverev got a very solid win over Casper Ruud, serving pretty well and being able to raise his level to be aggressive. However, to take out Daniil Medvedev with that same level, may not be possible. Zverev absolutely has a chance here in this semifinal, it’s a very tight matchup, however, Zverev has not been returning as good as previously, and his second serve hasn’t been fantastic either. He has been winning so much because of his aggression from the back of the court, but he hasn’t played Medvedev for a while now and the thing with Medvedev is that his defense is impeccable, so Zverev won’t be winning the same number of points as he has been. He also hasn’t faced a server as good as Medvedev this tournament, and since his return hasn’t been as good lately, that’s another thing for him to worry about. Zverev will have to focus on elongating the rallies if he wants to win, which is a surprising tactic if they were playing normally, but Medvedev has been less consistent lately, so if Zverev can make the rallies longer and only strike when there’s a clear opening, he should be able to win. To do that against Medvedev is a dangerous game though, so it’s likely that Medvedev will just edge him out as the two clash for a place in the final at the 2021 Masters.

Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev have met 9 times before, with Alexander Zverev leading the head to head 5-4. It’s a very fascinating matchup, and it’s a weird timeline of their matches. It might feel like Zverev has the edge, but the fact is that Zverev dominated their head to head from 2016-2019 to go 4-0. However, since their Shanghai final in late 2019, he’s gone 1-4 against Medvedev, beating him in a tournament where Medvedev was not at his normal level. For Medvedev, it’s all about focusing on making as many balls as possible, he’s been redirecting the ball really well, he’s been able to be aggressive when needed, but most importantly, his serve and return have been on point. His defense is also as good as ever, so for Zverev, he will want to make the rallies longer, playing aggressively is great, but if not executed in the right moments, then Medvedev will punish him since he’s such a good defender. It’s definitely a really interesting match, let’s see if the two will put on a show and if Medvedev can just edge out his rival for a spot in the final at the 2021 Paris Masters.

Free Tennis Pick and Prediction: Daniil Medvedev to win in 3 sets.

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