Astana Open 2021: Dusan Lajovic vs Soonwoo Kwon Tennis Pick and Prediction

Astana Open 2021: Dusan Lajovic vs Soonwoo Kwon Tennis Pick and Prediction

TennisSection previews the 2021 Astana Open as Dusan Lajovic (3) takes on Soonwoo Kwon in the Round of 16 on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021.

Will Dusan Lajovic move on? Will Soonwoo Kwon cause the upset? This will be an interesting one, where we will see if Lajovic can get some consistency going and get past this tough first test. Who will move on to the quarterfinals at the 2021 Astana Open?

Dusan Lajovic has not been too consistent this year, falling out early in many tournaments, losing matches that he should have won. Still though, he is ranked where he is for a reason, and I have confidence that he’ll play a solid match and show why he’s the number three seed. If he’s able to serve well, then I think he should feel pretty confident about his match against Soonwoo Kwon, Kwon is not the strongest returner, and Lajovic is a pretty well-rounded player, with most poor play resulting from his serve not being at it’s best. If he is able to make a lot of first serves, then he can set up a lot of the points in his favor and really pressure Kwon on his service games. Kwon is a lefty, so Lajovic will have to try and play that forehand crosscourt as much as possible. If he is able to do all these things successfully, then I like his chances to get through this one and move through to the next round at the 2021 Astana Open.

Soonwoo Kwon has a tough one ahead of him for sure, even though Lajovic is not the most consistent player, that doesn’t change the fact that he is still the favorite to win the match and has the ranking and experience to back it up. If Kwon wants to take out Lajovic, he will need to play pretty aggressively, and try to go back to basics in the Nadal playbook, and get that lefty forehand spinning to Lajovic’s backhand over and over again, Lajovic has a one-hander, and it isn’t the strongest backhand, so I feel like Kwon could set up a lot of points that way. Let’s see if he can be a contender here and push Dusan Lajovic for a spot in the quarterfinals of the 2021 Astana Open.

Dusan Lajovic and Soonwoo Kwon have met once before, with Soonwoo Kwon leading the head to head 1-0. Their one and only meeting was in Acapulco last year, with Kwon winning rather easily, and the fact that he does have that win and he knows how to beat him will make him competitive, especially since Lajovic is not the most consistent player, and often falls out early in tournaments against players he should be beating. Even still, he has the higher ranking for a reason, and I do feel as if he’ll be able to get this good first test out of the way to head through to the next round at the 2021 Astana Open, even if he struggles a little.

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