US Open 2021: Kevin Anderson vs Jiri Vesely Tennis Pick and Prediction

US Open 2021: Kevin Anderson vs Jiri Vesely Tennis Pick and Prediction

TennisSection previews the 2021 US Open as Kevin Anderson takes on Jiri Vesely in the Round of 128 on Monday, August 30th, 2021.

Will Kevin Anderson go through? Will Jiri Vesely pull off the upset? This match will be an interesting one, where we get to watch the 2018 finalist and see if he can make a strong showing in his first round match. Who will move on to the Round of 64 at the 2021 US Open?

Kevin Anderson has been playing okay as of late, winning a tournament about a month ago and winning some matches since then. Of course, he’s in no shape that he was 3 years ago when he made the final here, but he’s still playing better at the moment than Jiri Vesely. Vesely doesn’t have many matches under his belt, just playing challengers and not winning too much there. While both players are slumming it down in the bottom of the top 100 at the moment, Anderson is slightly higher and is definitely playing better even if the rankings aren’t too far apart. Anderson definitely has the experience and that serve of his, which he will most certainly use to his advantage. I definitely expect at least one tiebreaker, but Vesely has been struggling and most likely can’t hold that many games in a row against Anderson to force too many tiebreakers here at the 2021 US Open.

Jiri Vesely hasn’t been having too good of a time on the ATP Tour lately, playing challenge tournaments and just trying to stay afloat. He isn’t too old of a player on the tour, coming in at age 28, so he still has some time and the fitness to turn it all around and get some more results. Still, he isn’t playing too well at the moment which is evident due to the challenger tournaments he’s playing, which he is not winning in too much either, so it will definitely be very hard for him to deal with a service that is the caliber of Kevin Anderson. He will also have to focus on holding his own serve, which shouldn’t be too hard to do most of the time, however, once push comes to shove and he will need to serve a game out in the end of the set to get to a tiebreaker, it may get harder and harder and I foresee that he’ll start to struggle once the match gets to that point.

Kevin Anderson and Jiri Vesely have met five times before, with Jiri Vesely leading the head to head 3-2. They haven’t played for five years, so these meetings aren’t too relevant, however, it shows that they know each other and Vesely should definitely know how to defeat Anderson as he has a positive head to head against him in five meetings. For Vesely to win, he’ll probably need to get pretty lucky and hope Anderson won’t play too well, as Anderson is a veteran of the ATP Tour and is nowhere near the level where he used to be, it’s definitely possible that he will falter and not play as well as he’d like to, particularly on serve. Still, this scenario still seems rather unlucky and Anderson should get a good win under his belt to progress to the Round of 64 at the 2021 US Open.

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