The Best Tennis Racquets Over $100 – 2022

The Best Tennis Racquets Over $100 – 2022

When you are a competitive tennis player, you know the importance of a good-quality racquet. You cannot compromise with the quality of the equipment. If you want to hit a good shot or win the match, you need a high-quality racquet. Therefore, you need to invest your money in the right equipment that suits your requirements. While it is acceptable to go for average quality racquets in the beginning.

But if we consider it at an advanced level, then it is not acceptable at all. If you are looking for your perfect tennis racquet, which can provide stability and power you need, you can check out the following options. You can seek for many other features like enhanced strength, durability, freedom to sturdiness. You will find that these racquets provide excellent features that can support you well in every gameplay.

Wilson Tempest Four BXL (110)

Wilson is a highly reputed brand in sports and is known for its world-class sports equipment and goods. If you find the best tennis equipment to play at professional tennis events, you can trust this brand.

Wilson Tempest Tennis Racket is a high-class product designed with BLX Technology to provide additional stability and durability to the player. It is suitable for expert players who prefer heavy racquets who aim at sturdiness while playing rugged shorts. Here is a list of this racquet’s pros and cons.


  • Double Holes Technology supports string movement with a wonderful sweet spot.
  • The Linear Geometry provides 35% extra stability.
  • You can make a good shot with the right power by using this lightweight racquet along with BLC Technology.
  • Its heavy frame gives immense strength and power.
  • Due to Hybrid Grips, it is easy and comfortable to hold the racquet in long matches.
  • It is perfect for compact and short strokes.


  • It doesn’t come with a cover.
  • More solemn and oversized frame, which is perfect for big-sized tennis players.
  • This racquet is quite expensive.

Yonex EZone 100

Yonex is best known for its sports equipment. The EZone 100 Tennis Racquet is one of the best professional tennis racquets which you can buy. It is constructed with graphite and is super light for easy handling. When choosing your ideal tennis racquet, you need to consider the frame’s weight and string pattern. Without a suitable racquet, your game can be negatively affected.

Yonex has developed the frame design to reduce string friction, control vibrations, and provide a cleaner finish. It is ideal for players at the intermediate level to the advanced level to accelerate their power and performance during their game. Let us analyze the pros and cons of the product to gain a better understanding:


  • It is a well-constructed racquet with strong building materials.
  • The racket is exceptionally lightweight and delivers excellent depth and manoeuvrability.
  • It is perfect for intermediate as well as advanced players.
  • It helps in making your shots more powerful.
  • The weight and grip are well-adjusted.


  • It is not recommended for beginners.
  • You need to have a decent budget to be able to purchase this racquet.

Babolat Pure Aero

It is one of Babolat’s popular racquets, which is perfect for professional tennis players. If you want an equipment with great spin, then you must choose this one. There is an amazing sweet spot, and when the ball hits on it, you can give a good shot. You do not have to put a lot of effort while passing the ball in the game.


  • The racquet gives a fantastic spin and allows you to control it effectively.
  • You do not need to apply too much of your power.
  • Rafael Nadal endorses this brand and model.


  • If you are a beginner, you should not consider it buying because it requires skills to handle it.

Wilson Burn 100 Series

Wilson Burn 100 is a unique racquet that comes with Countervail technology to boost the power and maximize the player’s energy. This racquet comes with an aesthetically pleasing design, which helps you go through the competition with ease. Here are the pros and cons of Wilson Burn 100.


  • It is the most optimal racquet for base-liners who desire more power.
  • Countervail Technology is used to ignite the additional power and optimizes the player’s energy.
  • The Spin Effect Technology adds more spins to your shots.
  • A stable and robust string bed powered by Parallel Drilling Technology.
  • It provides additional pace and maneuverability.
  • The black matte finish provides pleasing aesthetics.


  • It is not perfect for players who prefer to play with heavy racquet like beginners and intermediate level players.

Babolat 3rd Generation Pure Strike

This racquet is promoted by the 2020 US Open Champion, Dominic Thiem. The Babolat Pure Strike 3rd Gen is a world-class racket with a unique blend of control and power. Check out various pros and cons of this racquet.


  • An optimized string pattern with larger gaps provides additional power due to FSI Power technology.
  • It is lightweight, which is quite comfortable to hold. It provides more flexibility and freedom to players.
  • Hybrid Frame construction offers a perfect blend of control and power to a player.


  • It is suitable for players who want lightweight racquet.
  • The grip might feel a bit uncomfortable.


The world of professional Tennis is no longer as simple as it once was. Various technologies have revolutionized the way the tennis equipment is made, and racquet are a perfect example. Different racquets come with multiple features that impact on the quality of the shots. It is necessary to look for various components in a racquet to decide which one suits you better. Any of the best tennis racquets over $100 above will help your game improve!

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