The Best Babolat Tennis Racquets – 2022

The Best Babolat Tennis Racquets – 2022

Different options are there when it comes to choosing a racquet for playing tennis. Even if you are a beginner or advanced player, you need good-quality sports equipment to win the match. Babolat is one of the famous brands which manufactures great racquets for playing tennis. Many famous players like Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal are endorsing this brand, and it becomes quite preferable among the players. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the best Babolat racquets with great features. You can pick any of the options according to your experience level. You need to consider your playing level and check what is comfortable for you. After deciding all such factors, you will be able to pick the right one. Babolat Tennis Pure Aero

It is one of Babolat’s popular racquets, which is perfect for professional tennis players. If you want an equipment with great spin, then you must choose this one. There is an amazing sweet spot, and when the ball hits on it, you can give a good shot. You do not have to put a lot of effort while passing the ball in the game. It is easy to handle the racket due to its comfortable and soft grip. If you are an expert in playing tennis, then you can easily handle it. The yellow and black design looks very attractive. It is made with unique technologies to increase the head speed and lesser wind drag. Pros
  • The racket gives a fantastic spin and allows you to control it effectively.
  • You do not need to apply too much of your power.
  • Rafael Nadal endorses this brand and model.
  • If you are a beginner, you should not consider it buying because it requires skills to handle it.
Babolat 16 x 19 Pure Strike

It is a perfect racquet for beginners as well as advanced players. The head size is around 98 square inches, which helps you to give a perfect shot. When you hold the racquet, you may feel extreme comfort because you can control it well. The 16 x 19 string pattern gives a great spin. The weight of the racket is 305 gm, and it comes with excellent stability. It is perfect for hard hitters. You can easily maneuver because it is lightweight and high head speed. You will not feel tired while holding it all day. Pros
  • You can easily maneuver due to a lightweight racket.
  • The position of sweet spot gives great spin and power to your shot.
  • This racquet is arm-friendly and does not require much effort to play with it.
  • The manufacturers must work more on its design.
Babolat Pure 100 Strike

This Babolat model is perfect for advanced tennis players because it provides excellent spin and power while making a shot. It delivers maneuverability and improves your game. This racquet is lightweight, and hence, you can play with it for long hours. Everyone is suitable for buying and using this equipment. But it requires some skills to handle it properly, which lack in beginners. The head size of 100 square inches and is relatively thin. There is a sharp control which helps in providing amazing feel and control. You can spin the ball because it is available with a 16 x 19 string pattern. The weight of the racquet is 300 g, and it is perfect for aggressive hitters. The Square beam provides extreme stability to the equipment. Pros
  • It comes with maximum control due to Control Frame technology.
  • It is possible to get perfect spins with this racquet.
  • The perfect stability is missing in this racquet.
Babolat Boost Drive

If you are an intermediate level, then this babolat tennis racquet is the perfect option for you. It is made up of a carbon filter, which is quite sturdy and durable. It comes with the high maneuverability feature because of its oversize. The Woofer Grommet system in this racquet provides extreme comfort to the players. The 16 x 19 string pattern is perfect for making amazing shots. The strings are made up of SpiralTex synthetic quality. If you are playing with an aggressive player, then you can handle his fast shots. You will also get a cover to keep the racquets safe and prevent damage. The shoulder strap is also there to hold the racquet in the cover to any place. There is little padding inside the cover, which keeps the equipment well-protected. Pros
  • You will get a cover along with the racquet.
  • The SpiralTex synthetic strings are quite strong to withstand fast shots.
  • An intermediate player can play tennis with great comfort.
  • This racquet is not perfect for beginners and advanced players.
Babolat Pure Drive Lite

It is another lightweight racquet model by Babolat, which helps in giving an impressive performance. This racquet model is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players who are practising the game. The medium-sized head helps you to make a good shot. The string pattern is 16 x 19, which can tackle with a fast shot. It comes with Woofer String technology helps in minimizing unwanted vibration and increasing the sweet spot. The head size is 102 square inches, with weigh 272.2 gm. The grip technology used for this racket is Synthetic Lite, which provides extreme comfort so that they can play for long hours. It comes in fantastic design, which looks attractive and beautiful to many players. The Bottom Line  Many people across the globe are preferring the Babolat brand for buying tennis racquets. It is hard to pick one out of many options. Therefore, it is necessary to understand your requirement and determine the level of player you are. When you determine these things, it will be easy for you to decide the best for your game. The racquet must improve your performance in the stadium. There are different Babolat models available in the market, and all are good in different ways. You can pick any one of the mentioned products to improve your performance in the game. Have a question, a suggestion for articles or tennis products for us to review, or just want to reach out to us for advice? Do not hesitate to contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page!

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