Cincinnati Open 2021: Aslan Karatsev vs Marin Cilic Tennis Pick and Prediction

Cincinnati Open 2021: Aslan Karatsev vs Marin Cilic Tennis Pick and Prediction

TennisSection previews the 2021 Cincinnati Open Open as Aslan Karatsev takes on Marin Cilic in the Round of 64 on Tuesday, August 17th, 2021.

Will Aslan Karatsev get a solid win under his belt? Will Marin Cilic take out a top player to show he’s still got something left? This match will be an interesting one, where we have a veteran of the ATP Tour taking on one of the new stars. Who will move on to the Round of 32 at the 2021 Cincinnati Open?

Aslan Karatsev has not been doing as well as he would hope to be doing at the moment, having been one of the dominant players at the start of the year, now struggling to win 2 matches at the same tournament. His last match just took place in Toronto, in a tight loss to Karen Khachanov, while it’s not a bad loss at all, Aslan made many errors in that match and wasn’t able to play aggressively until later on. This is not something you can afford to be doing against Marin Cilic, an aggressive hard hitting player himself, if Karatsev does not get all of his shots in order, then he could struggle very badly, as it’s hard to play defensively or passively against Marin. However, he’s still been playing some pretty solid tennis despite that, it just seems as if it comes and goes in spurts. Even with a somewhat consistent level of the kind of tennis he can produce, he should be feeling pretty confident about his chances at the 2021 Cincinnati Open.

Marin Cilic has had an alright year considering everything, however, is definitely nowhere near the kind of results, he’s been able to produce in his very successful career. Much like Aslan Karatsev, Cilic’s game style is an aggressive one, with lots of flat and hard ball-striking. In order to take out Aslan, Cilic will have to try and hit hard, but not necessarily go for too much, as he’ll want to try to keep his error count low. As Karatsev has been somewhat inconsistent lately, it’s possible that he’ll have a tough time dealing with those hard balls coming into him over and over again. If Marin can do this effectively, then I like his chances to go through to the Round of 32 at the 2021 Cincinnati Open.

Aslan Karatsev and Marin Cilic have never met before, with this being their first career meeting. It is an interesting matchup between these two, with very aggressive playstyles that both differ in many ways. Aslan enjoys going for outright winners from any position of the court, with absolutely ferocious returns speeding up the court with incredible accuracy. While Marin likes to hit a hard flat ball and occasionally try to rip the winner or set up the closing play, but still likes to grind a little. In my eyes, Cilic will have to try and grind more against Aslan and hope for those unforced errors, because if Aslan is on, there is no way that Cilic can play more aggressively than Karatsev can. Aslan should be feeling pretty good about his chances tomorrow, utilizing his incredible all around, aggressive game to try and move on to the Round of 32 at the 2021 Cincinnati Open.

Free Tennis Pick and Prediction: Aslan Karatsev to win.

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