The Best Dunlop Tennis Racquets 2021

The Best Dunlop Tennis Racquets 2021

Every player requires the right sports equipment to show-off their skills. In tennis, a right racket is as essential as the player’s skills. There are different brands and varieties of rackets available in the market. Dunlop is one of the top brands in the racket manufacturing industry. 

Dunlop rackets are famous for their stability and power. These qualities make it a popular choice amongst many professional tennis players. Today, we will discuss some of the best Dunlop rackets that you can choose from.

All of the below-mentioned rackets are best in their categories and provide exceptional results. This versatile list will provide great options for all level players. You can read our detailed review and choose the one best suited for you. A professional racket is vital for a professional player.

Dunlop Srixon Revo CS 8.0

Dunlop Srixon Revo CS 8.0 offers its players the best experience while playing tennis. This racket has a larger head size of the 110-inch cube and provides a bigger sweet spot to the players. It has good spin-potential and offers extreme precision when hitting powerful shots. The racket weighs 9.6 ounces and offers decent stability with a good head heavy balance.

This racket is made from Sonic Core VG technology, which combines with a unique rubber to standard urethane and silicon compound for enhanced dampening. The racket’s upper hoop is designed through Synchro Charge technology, making the off-center impact more comfortable.

The racket provides adequate power and stability due to its big head and excellent spin potential because of the 16×18 string pattern. At the net, CS 8.0 is capable of swinging into position quickly and helps in fast exchanges. This racket is very user-friendly and an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate level players.


  • It is a powerful racket with amazing sound control.
  • The big head provides a larger sweet spot zone.
  • Designed with Sonic Core VG Technology. 


  • The weight of the racket is a little on the heavier side.
  • Not apt for advanced level players.

Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18×20

CX 200 is an update to the very popular CX 2.0 racket and features a freshly redesigned beam with a more responsive string bed. Like its predecessor, this racket also has an exceptional phenomenal feel and accurate targeting. This racket has a 95 square inch head and a dense 18×20 string pattern with a thin beam.

Its sub-320 swing weight makes sure the racket has user-friendly acceleration like its predecessor. This racket is designed using the Sonic Core technology and has a super elastic thermoplastic known as Infinergy. This design increases its speed while defending or executing shots on the run.

This racket has an extremely comfortable spin, and the full cuts ensure the ball finds the sweet spot. This racket is more suited for advanced and intermediate level players, and like a classic professional racket, it also requires the player to provide the power. Although, the racket offers exceptional precision of shots and will be a great fit for experienced players.


  • This racket is user-friendly and provides excellent stability.
  • Its Sonic Core technology provides the racket’s speed and easy maneuverability.
  • This racket is a perfect choice for a professional level player because of its precise shots.


  • This racket requires the player to provide power.
  • It is on the expensive side and not suitable for beginner level players.

Dunlop SX 300

Dunlop SX 300 was built, keeping in mind the speed, power, and spin required for a good game. This aerodynamic racket is most suitable for intermediate level players and weighs about 300 grams. Some advanced players who need effortless acceleration can also benefit from this model. 

Like other rackets in the series, this racket is designed with Spin Boost Technology. It makes this racket perfect for easy movement, which is essential for high-level spins. The strung bed is made through PowerGrid StringTech, which ensures a friendlier and more-responsive feel of the ball hit. 

The racket provides stability, power, and easy spin to intermediate and advanced level players. The even distribution of this racket’s mass provides adequate strength to shoot the ball across the court. Dunlop SX 300 Racket is an excellent choice for players looking for a racket that offers easy access to spin and controlled power.


  • This racket is user-friendly and provides the player with a balanced frame.
  • The latest PowerGrid StringTech technology is used to develop the racket to provide good spin and power.
  • Intermediate and Advanced level players can get good results from this racket.


  • This racket is not suitable for beginner level players.
  • The weight is little on the heavier side.

Dunlop NT R4.0

The Dunlop NT (Natural Tennis) Racket is designed by combining carbon high-modulus content from Japan. Unique copper wire in the construction of this racket’s handle provides for a crisp, smooth, and natural hitting feeling. 

Dunlop NT R4.0 weighs 290 grams and has a head size of 645cm square. This racket is easier to use because of its lightweight and is faster than its predecessor NT R3.0. Copper fiber layup and the NT Weave helps to improve the dampening.

The copper and silicone blend reduces the harsh vibration during the shot in its handle. Dunlop’s All in One Construction technology enables it to produce rackets from a single graphite piece. You get controllable power on all your full swings with this racket. The intermediate level players looking for a fast and stable racket can opt for this racket.


  • All in One, Construction technology makes the racket extremely stable.
  • The racket is lightweight and provides easy access.
  • This racket can generate sufficient power and spin.


  • This racket is not suitable for advanced level players.


Dunlop Rackets’ design provides players with stability and good control. They have a wide range of series designed for specific purposes. The intermediate and advanced level players can benefit from Dunlop Rackets. Their handles are shock resistant and provide adequate comfort during long and tedious matches.

By choosing any of the rackets mentioned above, you can perform well in your matches or training. All of the Dunlop Rackets have decent and competitive pricing while not compromising on quality. Get your hand on one of these rackets and start hitting those perfect shots.

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