The Best Wilson Tennis Rackets 2021

The Best Wilson Tennis Rackets 2021

When it comes to tennis, the essential requirement for any player is to have a sturdy racket. Many sports equipment brands are available that manufacture quality products to play any sports with great power. Wilson is one of the famous brands for getting a durable and high-quality tennis racket. It can be challenging for you to pick any best model out of many options. Well, today, we will solve your problem by presenting the best options.

In the following write-up, consider some innovative and exceptional Wilson tennis rackets with great design and quality. Compare your requirements and get the one which you like the most. You must not settle for low quality over price. A professional player looks for high-quality equipment to perform well.

Wilson Tennis Clash 100 Racquet

If you are searching for the professional and flexible racket to perform well in the tennis match, then you must prefer this one. The look and feel of the Clash model are superb. It is quite comfortable to hold for long sessions.

It comes with FreeFlex technology, which helps in moving or swinging the equipment flexibly and make the right shot with perfect power. The Carbon Mapping technology in this model gives extra comfort in handling and playing the sports. A player can experience extreme stability and rigidity during the match.


  • The FreeFlex technology provides enough flexibility to move the racket in every direction with extreme comfort.
  • The strings are sturdy enough to handle fast shots.
  • The material used to manufacture the racket is of high quality.


  • You may find difficulty in top spins.

Wilson Tennis Blade V7-104 Racquet

This model by Wilson is available with big head size and great sweet spot. The FreeFlex and Carbon mapping features provide extreme comfort and flexibility so that a player can use it for long hours. The design of the racket is quite cool, and many people like its attractive colors, i.e., black, lime, and silver-white.

If anyone is searching for the tennis racket with an excellent and comfortable handgrip, then you should pick this one. The spec variance is less to provide proper consistency from one frame to another.


  • It is easy to control and handle the racket in a tennis match.
  • The pattern of the strings makes it quite durable and long-lasting. 
  • FreeFlex technology is also available in this model.


  • You need to apply more effort to make a shot.
  • It is challenging to make spins easily.

Wilson 5.3 Tennis Adult Recreational Racquet

The power frame in this tennis racket model is relatively short, which helps in making compact swings. The head is of significant size, which offers more power to the player for a fantastic shot. The weight of the head is quite heavy to provide extreme momentum and stability, even in the lighter frames. The pattern of the string is open, which helps in giving more spin and power to the ball. It is available for adults only.


  • The head size is significant, with an excellent big sweet spot for effective shots.
  • The swinging weight is relatively less.
  • If you are participating in doubles, then you can pick this one.  


  • It is quite challenging to maneuver.
  • The head is quite heavy and can be challenging to handle for beginners.

Wilson Blade Tennis V7-98 Racquet

As a tennis player, if you want to have a racket with extreme stability, then you must prefer this model. The string pattern is very dense, which helps in providing extra stability and control on your movements. It is available with FreeFlex feature, which means the racket is flexible enough to swing at any direction with any power.

There is a grip taper, which helps in holding the racket comfortably. You can play many matches and hold them for long hours. The spec variance is relatively reduced to provide extra consistency when you go from one frame to another. The material used to manufacture the equipment is highly durable. The design of the racket is quite attractive and appealing for players.


  • A player will have good control over the equipment, and it will allow you to play in any way.
  • FreeFlex technology provides extreme flexibility while making any shots.
  • The dense pattern of strings makes it more durable.


  • You need to put more efforts while playing tennis with this model.
  • It is not easy to deal with spins. 

Wilson Tennis Clash 108 Racquet

It is another clash model by Wilson with fantastic design and performance. Many beginner and professional players buy this model because it suits the needs of all. It is also available with FreeFlex technology, which helps in providing extreme flexibility and makes you swing the racket in any way. The Carbon Mapping feature allows you to make the shot smoothly without experiencing any jerk or discomfort while handling this racket.

This model is perfect for playing singles as well as doubles. The design of the equipment is attractive and tempting for many players. It is one of the popular choices among various individuals worldwide. The big head size provides extra stability while swinging it. The racket model looks professional and can be used to play any tournament.


  • The head size is significant, which helps in providing extra stability and comfort while playing. 
  • The grip of the racket is quite comfortable, and a player will feel good.
  • It can handle the volleys effectively.


  • The grip can be very soft and smooth for some players.
  • The additional length of the racket may be uncomfortable for short players.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, the Wilson rackets are quite impressive and are preferrable for both beginners and professional players. You can consider Wilson tennis rackets for your practice sessions or matches. If you want to buy a durable racket with a comfortable grip, then you can pick any one of the ones as mentioned earlier.

You will be able to make good shots and win the game if you use the right equipment. When it comes to price, then no doubt, these models are quite reasonable. Do not wait longer and grab the one you like the most!

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