The Ultimate Guide to Kids Tennis Racquets (2020)

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Tennis Racquets (2020)

For a young kid starting to play tennis, it is essential to have the right racquet and size to ensure their game can grow to their best potential. There are many negatives of having a bad racquet as a child, especially if the racquet is too big for them. 

Junior tennis racquets are smaller than the standard 27-inch adult tennis racquet and they ensure that kids are able to develop their game without causing injury and technical issues from using a racquet which is too big. As a kid grows, they will also require a bigger racquet.

Tennis Racquet Junior Size Guide | Choose the Right Racquet for You

Sizing Guide:

  • <5 years old: 19” junior racquet.
  • 5-8 years old: 21-23” junior racquet.
  • 9-10 years old: 25” junior racquet.
  • 10+ years old: 26” junior racquet.

That is a guide to choosing the size of the racquet for your child, but it of course will vary if your child is above average or below average height at their age. It is extremely important to understand what size to buy your child when it comes to tennis racquets as this can either really improve or harm their game but also their wrists.

Why Buy a Junior Tennis Racquet?

Many parents might think it is a smart idea to buy a racquet which is bigger for their child so they can grow ‘into it’ and save some money. However, this is a mistake in order for the development of your child’s game. Junior tennis racquets are not expensive compared to adult ones and this allows you to buy multiple over your child’s childhood for around the same combined price of an adult one. Junior tennis racquets can vary from about $10 all the way to $60.

When choosing the best racquet for your child, you want to ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Correct size
  • Pre-strung
  • Good price

The Best Tennis Racquets for Kids Under 5 Years Old:

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet – 19”

This Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is an incredibly solid choice for a child under 5 years old as it features:

  • Solid aluminum base.
  • Pre-strung.
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing 0.45lbs.

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet – 19”

There are also great options from other companies such as this HEAD racquet which comes in many different colours to personalise it to your child’s preference:

  • Comes in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow
  • Solid aluminium base.
  • Pre-strung.
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing 0.37lbs.

The Best Tennis Racquets for Kids Aged 5-8 Years Old:

HEAD Instinct Kids Tennis Racquet – 21-23”

This is probably one of the best racquets on the market in both this size and for this price. HEAD are known for manufacturing extremely solid racquets which provide you with an incredible feel of the ball. For a child aged 5-8 years old, developing their game, this racquet will allow them to continue growing their strengths and improving on their weaknesses:

  • Solid aluminium base.
  • Pre-strung.
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing 0.40lbs.

The Best Tennis Racquet for Kids Aged 9-10 Years Old:

Wilson Sporting Goods Roger Federer Jr – 25”

This sleek designed Wilson Roger Federer Junior racquet is perfect for your child aged 9-10 years old who will begin to really concentrate on their game, especially if they are a Roger Federer fan:

  • AirLite Alloy base allowing for power, feel, and durability.
  • Pre-strung.

The Best Racquet for Kids Aged 11+ Years:

HEAD IG Gravity Junior Tennis Racquet – 26”

This is the best and perfect racquet for a child aged 11+ years old who loves to play competitive tennis. The design of the racquet and extreme lightweight allows for your child to feel like they are playing like a pro. This is the perfect last racquet for your child to have before moving up to the big leagues of Adult Racquets:

  • Solid carbon fibre base.
  • Pre-strung.
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing 0.55lbs.


This article is created to give you an indicative overview of what the best options are for your child when looking at Junior Tennis Racquets. There are many options out there, but it is important to do your research, know your price range, and know your child’s needs for when they are on the court. These racquets all provide incredible opportunities for your child’s game to grow whether they are 3 years old, or 12 years old.

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