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The Best Wilson Tennis Rackets – 2022 Guide

When it comes to tennis, the essential requirement for any player is to have a sturdy racket. Many sports equipment brands are available that manufacture quality products to play any sports with great power. Wilson is one of the famous brands for manufacturing a durable and high-quality tennis rackets. It can be challenging for you to pick any best model out of many options. Well, today, we will solve your problem by presenting the best options. If you want a more comprehensive guide on the best tennis rackets currently on the market, as well as what factors you should consider when making your selection, check out our Ultimate Tennis Rackets Guide here!

In the following guide, consider some innovative and exceptional Wilson tennis rackets with great design and quality, best suited for your game. Compare your requirements and get the one which you like the most. You must not settle for low quality over price. A professional player looks for high-quality equipment to perform well.

Wilson Pro Staff Precision 103

This one is best for female adult players due to its larger head size of 103 sq inches.

Although a large racket in terms of sq inches, the Wilson Pro Staff Precision 103 provides players with a nice degree of manoeuvrability for a fast and lightweight shot movement. The Wilson Pro Staff Precision 103 is made for players who love to take the ball on the rise and early the chance to play attacking and most importantly PRECISE tennis.


  • Perimiter Weighting System improved torsional stability
  • Fused graphite/aluminium construction blends stiff and flexible properties for excellent playability
  • Extra length provides extended reach and court coverage


  • Lightweight but large head-sized racket, allowing for both quick movements but also bigger coverage
  • Great balance thanks to its Perimiter Weighting System
  • Affordable for many players (whether beginner or advanced)
  • Effective for beginners due to its extra margin of forgiveness on mishits


  • 103 sq inch head size can be a problem for players who want to be more nimble and agile on court

Wilson Blade Feel 103

The Wilson Blade Feel is the optimal racket for either new players to the game of tennis, or for the occasional player looking to perfect their mechanics.

With a 103 sq inch head, the Wilson Blade Feel provides both the stability for players looking to hit their shots more reliably due to its larger head size and margin for error due to its bigger center of the racket.

This racket will always help you out when it comes to improving because of its ability to help you play fundamentally well, and it is also very affordable!


  • Double Holes grommet technology offers more power and a larger sweet spot
  • Arc 2 Technology provides greater stability with added control


  • Lightweight but large head-sized racket, allowing for both quick movements but also bigger coverage
  • Great margin for error thanks to its large sweet spot
  • Affordable pricing
  • Perfect for new joiners to the sport looking to either learn the basics or improve their fundamentals


  • Not made for experienced players

The Bottom Line:

No doubt, the Wilson rackets range is quite impressive and are preferrable for both beginners and professional players. You can consider Wilson tennis rackets for your practice sessions or matches. If you want to buy a durable racket with a comfortable grip, then you can pick any one of the ones as mentioned above.

Read our Ultimate Tennis Rackets Guide to determine what type of player you are / what racket would best suit your game! When you determine these things, it will be easy for you to decide the best for your game.

You will be able to make good shots and win the game if you use the right equipment. When it comes to price, then no doubt, these models are quite reasonable. Do not wait longer and grab the one you like the most!

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